Your Feet Will Thank You

Have you ever seen the As Seen On TV product Heeltastic? The one that promises to be the final solution for cracked, dry heels? I bought this after I was disappointed by several other products promising to make my feet smooth and ready-to-go for summer flip-flops. After trying Heeltastic for a few days I must admit my feet were softer. Then about two weeks into using it I noticed they were slowly returning to their normal cracked and dry state. This so-called “miracle cure” was definitely not a permanent solution to problem heels. At least not mine. After Heeltastic failed me, I just assumed that there was no solution for me. If a product made specifically to fix calloused heels didn’t work on mine, it wasn’t likely I’d find a product that would. But, thankfully, I was wrong.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, a great all-natural beauty company headquartered in the Canadian Rockies has accomplished what I previously thought was impossible. Their Foot Butter made with cotton seed oil, cocoa seed butter, carrot root extract and a host of other good-for-you ingredients, actually works.

When I first started using it, I assumed it would be similar to Heeltastic in that it would work for a while in the beginning but my feet would eventually return to their cracked, dry state even while continuing to use it. To my surprise, the reverse was true. The first week or two that I used it, I only noticed a subtle difference. Then about eight weeks into using it, I looked down at my feet one afternoon and was a little taken aback. They were almost as smooth my 7-month-old baby’s feet. They looked better than they ever had. I immediately wondered what I was doing differently…then I remembered…I’d still been using Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Foot Butter. The stuff lived up to its promises. It works much better than Heeltastic. In fact, it works much better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve not had a single crack or callous since I began using it. My feet are completely soft. Just click on the Testimonials tab on this page of their website and you’ll see that I’m not alone in my amazement at how this product was able to solve a previously unresolvable problem. I’ve since tried other products from this company and had great experiences with all of them. Their deodorants work…their lip glosses are great…they’ve created an all-around exceptional brand. You have to assume that anyone who’s figured out how to permanently fix dry heels might know a thing or two about making high-quality, effective beauty products.

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