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Beauty Guru is not affiliated with any beauty brand or company. The Guru is not compensated to provide her opinion on products or resources and is not in any way influenced by advertisers, public relation firms or other individuals. She never accepts monetary compensation for positive reviews—which means she only recommends products, services and resources worthy of an endorsement.

Although a majority of the items mentioned on Beauty Guru have been purchased, the Guru does occasionally accept samples for review from brands and public relations representatives. However, just because a sample is submitted does not mean it will be reviewed; and if a product is chosen for review, there is no guarantee it will be favorable.

All material on Beauty Guru retains its full copyright. Use of this material without permission is prohibited. Republication of this material might result in billing for its use and a formal notification of the violation to hosts and advertisers.

All editorial content on this site is based on personal experience and results. Beauty Guru is not liable for any problems that occur due to use of recommended products.

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