Meet Sharron Pinheiro from Eve Organics

I’ve been very impressed with Eve Organics lately. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating beautifully rich-colored mineral eyeshadows and they’re a cut above other natural brands when it comes to educating the consumer about harmful ingredients in beauty products. I recently talked with Eve Organics founder Sharron Pinheiro to learn the story behind the company.

Tell me a little about your background and the journey that led you to develop your own organic beauty line?

The human form and how colors mixed together to form other colors were subjects that were a common thread in my background.

Ever since I was a small child, I loved to draw and color. After high school, I attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit to study graphic arts. I was kind of a free spirit and left the school when I realized that it wasn’t fun for me anymore when I was told what to draw and my work wasn’t necessarily “inspired” by me. I moved to L.A. afterward and had two children. Throughout that period, I became a paralegal, working from 9-5, dabbled in property management and permanent makeup.

Once my children were in grade school, I became a Certified Massage Therapist. I was privy to a lot of information I had never heard prior to that time. I learned about aromatherapy, the muscles, anatomy and reflexology. I became enamored with the wonderful “basic,” yet fantastically intricate schools of knowledge ~ how the body heals itself if it is supported correctly.

I took a special interest in aromatherapy and delved into the subject full on after graduation. It intrigued me how for centuries, since the time of the Egyptians, it was known that certain oils applied to the skin, for either beauty or medicine, produced positive or negative responses by the body.

Through training and research, I learned of the potentially dangerous ingredients in a majority of the conventional skin care products and the positive affect that organic and therapeutic grade products have on the body and soul.  Then, it was only natural for me to want to teach women so they could make educated choices about the products they purchased and companies they chose to support.

After years of creating my own essential oil blends and skin care products, with great feedback from customers and friends, I created Eve Organics, LLC.

Something I love about you guys is that you really try to educate the consumer. That’s one thing that definitely sets your brand apart. When you started the company, did you make a conscious decision to do that?

Yes, that was our mission from the beginning. There are not too many companies that want to educate their consumers like we do. For us, education is first and foremost. We feel our products completely fit into a whole living lifestyle. But, most women (or men) do not even know that, although they feel they are doing their bodies good in every way, there is more to whole living than eating and exercising. Ingredients from personal care products being absorbed into the skin are a big part of keeping the body in balance and whole.

What else do you feel sets Eve Organics apart in the crowded all-natural/organic beauty market?

There are many products out there that are definitely nice on the ingredients end, but don’t perform too well. We have tested and tried all of our products (on people, no animals!) and have had great feedback on the performance of all of them. And, after all, if the ingredients are awesome and it performs well, why wouldn’t you change? It’s a no brainer!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting Eve Organics?

The obvious one would be that we need brand recognition. We have been building our customer base slowly but surely.  We have so many extremely loyal customers with such great stories about how our product has done what so many others (prescription, high-end or otherwise) could not do for them.

Who’s Eve? Is it a reference to the first woman herself?

Eve is not a reference to anyone we know personally. The name was given to the company for a couple of reasons. We wanted to have a name that was easily remembered and had a semblance of healthy, from the earth and “stands the test of time”. We thought Eve Organics was the perfect name to encompass all of those characteristics.

Every quarter you guys give 10% of your net profit to a different charity. What charities have you given to in the past and how did you pick them?

We really try to choose organizations we feel are making an impact. In the past we’ve given to Susan Komen Breast Cancer Research (on more than one occasion), American Multiple Sclerosis Society, City Mission (Detroit), Green America, and The Organic Trade Association, to name a few.

What is your personal favorite Eve Organics product?

My favorite product is the Balance Skin Care set (cleanser, toner and moisturizer). There have been a couple of times that I have run out on vacation (you would think I’d have buckets full at home) or somewhere I couldn’t get another and have used another product either to clean or moisturizer my skin.  In both instances, my skin broke out almost immediately and it took me a few weeks to get it back to normal.  I have since learned to keep a back up at all times!

What’s your bestselling mineral eye shadow?

Definitely Champagne, with Bling and Fanatic tied for a close second.

Can you really sleep in mineral makeup? Is it that pure?

You can sleep in mineral makeup, but you really should wash your face before you go to bed.  Even though the zinc in the foundation is extremely healing ~ anti-inflammatory for sensitive, inflamed skin and naturally anti-microbial and protects skin from the sun, everyday environmental pollutants and grime still build up on your face after a whole day of “living”.  This needs to be washed off with a creamy cleanser and re-moisturized with antioxidants to help support the skin in its “replenishing”, the majority of which happens during sleep.

Meet Sarah Isley From In Love With Bodycare

If you’ve paid attention to the Guru’s favorite products you may  have noticed I’ve become a big fan of the brand In Love With Bodycare over the last year. To me this brand has all the qualities I look for when I seek out an all-natural beauty company that’s truly trustworthy. It’s a small, independent company run by a group of sisters. Their products are original, effective and made with top-quality all-natural ingredients.

I recently talked with Sarah Isley, one of the sisters who founded In Love With Bodycare. Here is what she had to say…

Q: I’ve heard that your company was started by six sisters and one sister-in-law. Six sisters? Seriously? Do you all have names?

A: Ha ha, yes, seriously…. and luckily our parents did give us all names. From oldest to youngest they are; Charity, Sarah, Mary, Anna, Daisy, Alyssa and a sis-in-law named Caryl. We also have two brothers, Dave and Drew.

Q: What were you all doing before you started the company?

A: We were bank robbers. Actually… we were all doing different things in different parts of the country. At different times we were all involved in the company that our grandmother started over 50 years ago but we all have somewhat of a gypsy inclination so we did a lot of traveling and moving around for a few years.

Q: What was the a-ha moment that let you know you had to create your own brand?

A: It was when we realized how great the products that we were making for ourselves worked, and how unique they were, even within the natural market. We decided that if we had been searching for products like these.. others would be excited about them too. We already had them and knew how amazing they were, why not share them?

Q: Why did you decide that creating a new line of products was necessary with so many others on the market? What sets you apart from other brands?

A: Every product we release must be completely pure, deliver extraordinary results and be unique. It’s skincare that also benefits the body and the senses. If we could have found everything we wanted in other products we never would have felt the need to make something else, so every product we make is different than anything we’ve ever used before.  Also… because of research we had been doing we knew the potential of some fairly unknown (at this point) ingredients for skin/body care such as mushrooms and saponins and we wanted to incorporate these amazing compounds in to our skin care because the benefits are incredible.

Q: You call the man who helped formulate your line “the genius”…he sounds like quite the enigma…can you tell us a little more about him or his background?

A: He is quite the enigma… and if we tell you much more about him he would probably kill us but he is the kind of person you only meet once in a great while. He is a genius, inventor, machinist, has studied botanicals and chemistry for about 20 years and loves Mountain Dew.

Q: How much input do you have in the formulation process? How long does it take from inception to finished product?

A: We are all very involved in the whole process. Anytime one of us comes up with an idea for a product we want to have, we’re usually directly involved in the formulation of it even down to researching and choosing the best ingredients. Then of course we all test it and give our input until we come up with something we’re all happy with. How long the process takes depends on the product… some are harder to perfect!

Q: You mention that many of the methods and ingredients you incorporate into your products aren’t used by other skincare manufacturers because they are more expensive…can you give a few examples?

A: Well there is a huge difference in the quality of the same ingredients depending on where you get them and how they are grown and processed. For example, cheap coconut oil does not have near the same quality or chemistry as more expensive organic coconut oil. Another example is that we use a high quality medicinal mushroom blend. A label could say that a product contains mushrooms and advertise all the amazing benefits of them, but if they just used a cheap blend of less powerful mushrooms you will not get the same benefits. Using small amounts of the key ingredients in a pre-made cheap lotion base will not deliver amazing results. As for methods… we have to use certain methods that are not cheap to keep the purity and effectiveness of our products and get the consistencies that we need. The methods we use, such as our carbon neutral distiller also ensure that our manufacturing processes are ALL eco-responsible. That question is hard to answer in a short version… I could tell you much more.

Q: One thing I love about you guys is that, unlike many all-natural lines, your prices are reasonable. How are you able to keep the costs to the  consumer so low?

A: We mark up our products based on the cost of raw materials, and we do not inflate the price just to be expensive and exclusive even though our product quality fits us into that category. We want to offer better results than expensive skincare to every girl at an affordable price.

Q: What does a typical “business day” look like for you? You mention all your manufacturing is done “in-house”…what exactly does that mean? Do you oversee the place where the products are made?

A: Yes… our lab is in the same building as our design and fulfillment center so we can oversee the manufacturing and development. We do everything from label design, marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, etc… so our typical business day varies and is not always “typical”.

Q: What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a beauty brand entrepreneur?

A: It has to be the misinformation that comes from both sides of the industry. There are the companies claiming to be natural that are giving the natural skincare industry a bad name by not being honest about their ingredients, and  then there is the other side that is trying to capitalize on that to over regulate the natural skincare industry.  These organizations are putting a lot of unscientific data out there as fact, pretending to be consumer advocates and actually misguiding them in the process. We COMPLETELY agree that the skincare industry should be transparent and held accountable for their ingredients and methods, but some of the over regulation they propose is not only completely unnecessary, but also counter productive.  For instance, many agencies are requiring natural products to list the scientific name of the botanicals on their label. We do not do that because which are you most likely to recognize, Butyrospermum parkii or Shea butter?

Q: What’s the one product ingredient you’ve come to believe is the most impressive or effective in an all-natural beauty routine and why?

A: It’s a toss up… I think mushrooms are so amazing for the skin in every way because of their completely unique skin rejuvenating properties and structure. I also think soap berries (saponins) are incredible due to their multi-faceted action. They are a virtually undiscovered wonder in skincare and cleansing products and I eventually expect to see them become a popular ingredient.

Q: What is the one product in your line that you couldn’t live without…the product you feel has really changed your life forever?

A: It’s very hard to pick just one… The Rejuvenating Lotion and Perfecting Mist have changed my life. The Cleanser has changed all of our lives and none of us could live without the deodorant. The Rejuvenating Lotion has given me my best skin ever. I feel like it is going to prevent future aging, skin damage and maybe even skin cancer, and the Perfecting Mist is absolutely genius. It’s like being able to reapply your favorite anti blemish/aging moisturizer anytime you want while refreshing your senses and reviving your complexion at the same time. It leaves you glowing and can even be used over makeup. Sorry, I think I just ruined the question but I couldn’t pick just one.

Q: Bodacious ObjectS (a bust-enhancing cream) is such an unusual product—it’s one that you don’t typically see in the all-natural beauty market. What I’d like to know is: Does it actually work? And if so, what’s the secret?

A: Haha yes it works!!!! We can tell you that  from experience. It doesn’t add 4 cup sizes but it might give you one or two and it definitely adds fullness, size and firmness. It makes you go from feeling insecure to… sexy. It works by increasing the natural production of the hormones that increase breast tissue and it also supports breast health. It has also changed my life.

Q: Do you use only organic ingredients? Why or why not?

A: We use a lot of organic ingredients and most of the ingredients we use that are not certified organic are grown organically, they just don’t have the certification. Certified organic ingredients are more expensive, and if we know  the source of an ingredient, and that it is just as good even though it doesn’t have a certification, we will use it. There are also some ingredients for instance, Dead Sea Salts that will never be classified as organic because that is not even the nature of them.

Q: Which new products on the horizon are you most excited about and why? 

A: I’m very excited about our “Mist” collection that’s in the works as well as our “anti-aging” and “pregnancy” collections. The “Mist” collection is exciting because it will give women a whole new way to get the powerful benefits of an anti aging, or anti acne serum all day long, while also keeping the skin hydrated continuously which is one of the number one ways to prevent aging. I can’t say enough about the mists… I’m addicted.