How to Make a Total Beauty Transformation in 7 Days

Have you ever heard the word “neuroplasticity”? It’s the term brain scientists use to describe how our neural networks and the connections in our brains physically change in response to new information. As you’re reading this now, the structure of your brain is literally taking on a new shape. What this means is that you have the ability to rewire your brain at any moment in time. You have a choice, every second of every day, to become a different person who makes different choices.

You can take a new path and forge a new life in which you are more beautiful than you’ve ever been beginning right this very moment. No matter where your quest for beauty has taken you in the past, you don’t have to let past failures control future success.

Your Pursuit of Beauty

Think about your beauty journey in life so far. Where has it taken you? To the aisles of Sephora? To every hair salon in town? To hundreds or maybe thousands of beauty blogs and websites? What has it cost you? Hundreds of dollars on a year’s worth of personal training sessions? Thousands of dollars at a plastic surgeon’s office? A small fortune spent on more magic pills and creams than you can possibly name?

And what was the end result of all that time and money? A bunch of outdated diet books dropped off at the Goodwill? A stack of unused workout DVDs stashed in a box in the basement? After all the things you’ve tried to be and feel more beautiful, have they worked? Do you feel like you’re your most beautiful self right now? I’m going to take a wild guess and say no. Because if you did you probably wouldn’t have bought this book.

Our temporary highs on the quest for beauty can be fun—a new tube of lip gloss, a flawless manicure, a rejuvenating facial—but as any addict will tell you, what goes up must come down. After we get over the new outfit or new haircut, we often find ourselves feeling the same way we did before we got our latest beauty fix. We still don’t feel beautiful. We need more.

That’s where this book comes in. I promise this is not some esoteric treatise on the meaning of beauty (although I would encourage you to wax poetic rather than wax your legs any day of the week). I promise this book will contain a lot of practical advice about the brands of makeup that you should buy and the resources you should use to get the best beauty information. But what you’re not going to get in this book is a lot of worthless beauty tips. You know—lessons on applying bronzer or how to dress a pear-shaped body—that kind of junk.

Beauty is much deeper than a pretty face and a toned body. It’s something that radiates from some women and is starkly absent in others. I’m going to tell you how to get the kind of beauty that everyone will be immediately attracted to…the kind that makes people want to know more about you…the kind that is evident whether you’re 22 or 72.

So no matter what you’ve thought about beauty in the past, I hope you’ll commit to keeping an open mind and think again. If you do what I tell you for the next seven days, you’ll be amazed at what happens. You will feel different and everyone around you will start to treat you differently because you will literally look different—in every way possible. In fact, just one week from now, you will wake up and realize that your long quest for beauty has ended with the ultimate find:  You’ve just stumbled upon the holy grail.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3 – take up drinking

There’s a final component to add to your new outlook about what you put in your body. I am going to deal with what you choose to drink separately from what you choose to eat just to show you how detrimental your drinking choices are to your overall health and beauty.

The Source of Life

If you don’t already, you should begin drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. This means that if you weigh 160 pounds you should be drinking at least 80 ounces of water every day. A lot of women ask, “Won’t I become bloated if I drink that much water? The last thing I need is to gain a bunch of water weight!” What many people still don’t understand is that you only retain water when you aren’t drinking enough of it. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but any “water weight” you’d like to get rid of will disappear for good once you become well hydrated. When you are drinking plenty water your body recognizes that there is no longer a water shortage and it releases all those stores of water it was previously saving. After you up your water intake, the body will drop its water weight very fast—sometimes as much as 4 or 5 pounds in the first week.

Since the human body is more than 70% water, we need to constantly replenish this supply. Drinking a lot of water helps the kidneys and liver function efficiently, which is especially important because they happen to be the organs related to fat loss. Plus it helps regulate our metabolism!

It’s best to drink filtered water and stay away from tap water, which, as you’ve probably heard, can be extremely hazardous to your health. Because of the dangerous chemicals used to treat water, there are now more than 2100 known toxins that can be present in tap water. Arsenic, lead, asbestos, aluminum, mercury, herbicide and pesticides are commonly found in tap water. In fact, more than ten million Midwesterners are exposed to carcinogenic herbicides in their drinking water every year.

Making matters worse, chlorine and fluoride are still being added to tap water. Chlorine was used as a chemical weapon in the Iraq War. It’s the primary ingredient in bleach and disinfectants. A study by the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality concluded, “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the chemical manufacturing process. Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schatz said, “Fluoridation is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has.” And Dr. Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute said, “More people have died in the last 30 years from cancer connected with fluoridation than all the military deaths in the entire history of the United States.” That should be enough reason to forgo the tap water!

A Dangerous Habit

As you begin drinking more water, you’ll be able to eliminate other unhealthy drinks from your daily liquid intake. First to get rid of: soda pop. Begin to cut back drastically on soft drinks. Better yet, forget them altogether. Watch the lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” mentioned in Lesson 1 for a complete description of why you want go soda-free.

If you find, however, that you must have a Coke or Pepsi with your pizza, just please make it a regular, not diet. Why? Because, as you’ve likely already heard, the aspartame found in diet pop is one of the most dangerous food additives ever created.

A dose of aspartame equivalent to what you would get by drinking three cans of Diet soda each day was given to rats for just two months. The end result was that the chemical caused the highest incidence of brain tumors when compared to any other chemical ever tested on lab rats.

Now, you might be saying, “But the FDA approved aspartame, so it can’t be that bad.” The truth is that the FDA actually denied aspartame approval for more than eight years until it was finally overruled. Japan has banned aspartame completely because they care about their citizens more than they care about big business. We Americans aren’t so fortunate.

What does a food additive like aspartame have to do with becoming more beautiful? A lot. The more you return to nature and eliminate all the man-made junk that has flooded every area of your busy, modern life, the more beautiful you’ll start to look and feel. And the changes will be dramatic. I promise.

If you’re accustomed to using artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet, Splenda and Equal in your coffee, stop. If you want a few good reasons to quit your Nutrasweet or Equal habit go to If you some good reasons to quit the Splenda habit go to Instead buy packets of the all-natural sweetener Stevia to carry around in your purse for sweetening tea or coffee. And if you still miss the carbonated taste of pop, new colas like Zevia are being made with Stevia instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Though the politics of the artificial sweetener industry have stopped Stevia from coming online full force and the U.S. (and stopped it dead in its tracks in the U.K.), things are starting to change and Stevia is beginning to get its due.

Sidenote: It won’t do you any good to avoid aspertame in your diet pop only to later ingest it in your yogurt and sugar-free candy. Check the ingredients’ lists on all packaged food you buy from chocolate milk to chewing gum to make sure you are steering completely clear of aspertame, Splenda and other artificial sweeteners.

Personal Stories


Shelley is a 56-year-old mother of three and grandmother of four. She drank two or three cups of coffee a day and always sweetened them with a packet of Splenda. Renee had never had any health problems whatsoever. After about 6 months of ingesting a couple packs of Splenda per day she began experiencing terrible aches in every muscle in her body. She said she would lie awake at night and her muscles would ache so bad she couldn’t sleep. She went to a doctor and he told her she must have a rapid onset case of severe fibromyalgia. It didn’t make any sense to her since she’d always been in great health, but she didn’t know what else it could be. Finally someone suggested she try eliminating the Splenda from her diet. She did and within just a few weeks she began feeling better. A couple months later the muscle aches were completely gone. They have never returned.

Faith is a 61-year-old mother of three and grandmother of six. A year ago she began experiencing dizzy spells that would last all day long. She went to three doctors and had dozens of tests performed. Everything showed up completely normal. Though she was relieved, she really wasn’t. She assumed she must have a brain tumor or something that the doctors missed because she would get dizzy every single day and some days it would be so bad she’d have double vision, she’d be unable to walk and she’d experience vertigo. One day her son suggested she stop drinking the 20-ounce Diet Coke that she had with her lunch every day. She did and within a few weeks the dizziness disappeared. It has never returned.


Green Goodness

If you’re ready for some incredible changes in your appearance, including brighter eyes, clearer skin, and longer, stronger hair and nails, replace your morning caffeine with this miracle drink. The drink I’m talking about is a green smoothie. The quickest way to load your body up with the nutrients discussed in Lesson 1 is to drink them. So get out your blender, or better yet, splurge on a Vita-Mix, (it’s the only appliance I use almost every day), and whip up a green smoothie first thing in the morning. It will take you less than three minutes but will help you feel incredible for the rest of the day.

How do you make a delicious green smoothie? Start with a banana. Toss it in the blender. Add some blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and ice, then fill the blender to the top with spinach. It may not sound tasty, but I promise that, aside from the green color, you won’t even notice the spinach is there. This is a simple and easy way to get loaded with the amazing nutrients available through dark leafy greens and antioxidant-rich berries.

If you have a Vita-Mix (or a really good blender) you can keep a few bags of frozen fruit on hand and just dump those in. Keep a frozen berry mix and citrus mix on hand and blend them together with some water and spinach.

Since you’ll be consuming a lot of produce when you first start making your green smoothies, please try to buy organic. You may want to keep a list of the “dirty dozen” on hand when you go grocery shopping. The dirty dozen is a list of the 12 the fruits and vegetables that are most heavily sprayed with pesticides. Right now the dirty dozen includes items such as peaches, strawberries, apples, cherries, blueberries, bell peppers and, unfortunately, spinach.

To get the most out of your green smoothie, buy some frozen organic wheatgrass shots from your local health food store or online. Add 1 ounce of frozen wheatgrass to your green smoothie every day. If you mix in a lot of pineapple, the wheatgrass taste shouldn’t be too noticeable. Keep experimenting with the measurements until you get the right mix for your tastebuds.

After drinking green smoothies for two weeks you’re going to notice that you’re not as hungry all the time because your body is getting all the good stuff it craves. You’ll also notice you have more energy and you don’t fall prey to colds and flues that are going around. The benefits of green smoothies are too many to name but I promise you will appear more beautiful as a result of your new drinking habit. And that will make it impossible to kick.

Day 1 – Change Your Thoughts

What do your thoughts have to do with beauty? Everything. No matter what a woman looks like on the outside, if she lets negative thoughts run through her brain all day, she will not come across as appealing to others. We’ve all met a woman like this–a woman who’s beautiful by society’s standards, but the moment she opens her mouth, she instantly becomes less attractive. Maybe she’s rude to a stranger or she starts bitching about her husband (or her boss or her kids or her new haircut). It doesn’t matter. The moment she starts complaining, gossiping, criticizing or whining, the truth of what’s in going on in her inner world is revealed. And it’s ugly.

On the other hand, we’ve all met a woman who may not be gorgeous, but after speaking with her for even just a few minutes, she suddenly appears far more attractive. The light in her eyes, the warmth of her smile, her intelligence, wit and kindness are an outward reflection of what’s happening inside her head. Her demeanor and speech—the way she interacts with the world—it’s all a reflection of her thought life. And her thought life is predominantly beautiful.

The Science

Your thought life cannot be ignored if you want to be the most beautiful woman you can be. This fact is backed by the latest neuroscience. Scientists have found that when we let fear-based thoughts into our brains, they form new connections and release disruptive chemicals that place our brains in a continual state of stress. This will eventually manifest in a variety of anxiety disorders, depression and even physical illness such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, etc. Some neuroscientists have even suggested that up to 92% of all mental and physical illnesses are a direct result of our thought lives. That alone should be enough reason to take a thought inventory immediately.

When you begin stopping toxic thoughts the moment they pop into your head, the dendrites in your brain where you previously formed negative connections around those toxic thoughts will begin to shrivel up and die. This allows room for positive thoughts to take hold in their place. Where you would usually think a negative thought, replace it with one of gratitude–for anything. You will become instantly more attractive within hours of doing this. It’s the best beauty secret on earth.

Your Powerful Inner World

Just how important is “inner beauty”? Let’s think about a few women we know for a minute—women like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. All three girls are technically beautiful by society’s standards, but they remain the brunt of late night jokes because their inner beauty has yet to be fully cultivated. Or take someone like Heidi Montag, the reality star whose quest for beauty resulted in 10 plastic surgeries by age 23. Did she reach her goal of being gorgeous? Not really. Most people hear her name and laugh. She’s a caricature of beauty–a shell of a person. She (and millions of other women like her) are proof that big boobs, collagen-injected lips and Botoxed foreheads do not a beautiful woman make.

Any woman whose quest for beauty stops at her external appearance will never reach her goal. Until a woman reigns in her thoughts, thereby changing her attitudes, emotions, words and behavior, she will never escape a litany of associated problems such as depression, anxiety, addictions and failed relationships. These types of problems are not attractive. To anyone.

How It Works

Women who radiate true beauty do not allow fear-based thoughts to take up residence in their brain. Scientists have found that our brains are actually hardwired for love not fear. But when toxic thoughts enter our brains and we let them hijack and override the system, we can think ourselves into a state of anxiety or depression very rapidly. On the other hand, if we only allow healthy, positive thoughts to circuit through our brains, the chemicals they release make us feel instantly calm, peaceful and confident. We feel capable as we deal with the little trials of everyday life. We live in the present moment with gratitude and joy.

Your assignment today  is to observe your thoughts. Begin “catching” every toxic thought that enters your brain to eliminate it before it can take up residence and form new connections. Once a toxic thought has time to “form connections” and gets to know the other negative thoughts in that particular region of the brain–it will bond to those thoughts, making the toxic mess of dendrites in that area stronger and harder to eliminate.

Toxic thoughts are all connected, but we don’t have to let a thought that enters our brain trigger us to head down the rabbithole. We can stop the spiral of negative thinking before it even begins.

Try to “think about what you’re thinking” as often as you can in the next 24 hours. Whenever you realize you’re thinking a negative, fear-based thought, toss it out and determine to think a love-based thought of gratitude in its place. Instead of visualizing the worst happening, begin visualizing the best. I promise you your entire life will change.

Verbal Cues to Listen For

We as women are especially vulnerable to fear-based thoughts when we’re with other women. The competitive nature of beauty in our society can cause automatic toxic thoughts such as,  “Why is she so thin? What’s she doing that I’m not? Wow, I feel so ugly. She’s so pretty. What’s wrong with me? I’ll never get it together.”

If you are ever in a situation with other women and you notice yourself thinking these types of thoughts, stop. The best way to catch yourself thinking negatively is to listen to your words. Here are some verbal cues to listen for that will let you know your thoughts aren’t what they should be:

Complaining. If you hear yourself complain about anything—from the weather to your husband’s work schedule—stop and pay attention your thoughts.

Criticizing. We cannot control other people. We can only control ourselves. We are only responsible for our own choices and the way we choose to live our lives. It is not our responsibility to tell anyone else how he or she should live. Whenever you hear yourself criticizing anyone—from your sister to the President of the United States—stop and think about what you’re thinking.

Gossiping. If you hear yourself speaking negatively about someone, it’s time to think about your thoughts again. Gossiping is never pretty because it screams, “I’m insecure!” to the world. It shows that you are in such dire emotional straits you’ve resorted to slamming others in order to feel better about yourself.

When you criticize or gossip, your judgements about others say nothing about their behavior, it only tells those around you that you’re the kind of person who has to make judgements about others in order to feel better about yourself.

In Summary

Some toxic thoughts may have been part of your brain for so many years that you can’t imagine life without them. If that is the case I recommend you look into The Work by Byron Katie. By working through the free step-by-step process on her website you will learn how your negative thoughts have shaped your identity and how you can free yourself from them once and for all.

The good news is that you can choose to rewire the dendrites in your brain so the toxic connections you’ve already formed will literally shrivel up and die. Then you can begin to replace them with new healthy dendrites, linking together positive, uplifting thoughts of gratitude and joy.

More than 30,000 thoughts will enter your brain today. These thoughts will ultimately determine whether or not those around you perceive you as being beautiful. Every message you send the powerful computer that is your brain will either put you closer to the beautiful woman you want to be or further away. It’s up to you to choose.

Three Ways to Help Your Brain

As you begin to change your brain with new thought patters, make use of these three secrets scientists have proven to boost brain health. Following these tips will ensure your brain is functioning at optimal levels as you embark on the process of rewiring it.

Take an Omega-3 oil supplement every day. Omega-3 fatty acids improve communication between brain cells. The lack of Omega-3’s can cause a communication breakdown in the brain. DHA, a fatty acid found in high concentration in the gray matter of the brain, is instrumental in the function of brain cell membranes—which are important for the transmission of brain signals. Research has shown that many people with emotional, mental and psychiatric problems have one thing in common—a lack of Omega-3 fatty acids in their body. As many as 22% of Americans now show no detectable amounts of essential Omega-3 fatty acids in their tissues. Low levels of DHA have been linked to memory loss, depression, bipolar, ADD, schizophrenia, autism and more. Omega-3’s help regulate mood by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain. So the real question is: Why not take some kind of Omega-3 oil every day? My favorite brand is Barlean’s Omega-3 Fish Oil Swirl in Pina Colada or Peach. This delicious oil eliminates the gross taste and fishy burps.

Get your heart rate up every day for at least 10-20 minutes. Neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge and the National Institute on Aging found that even just a few days of heart-pounding exercise stimulates the brain to grow new cells. Mice who ran on a wheel grew an average of 6,000 new brain cells in the hippocampus when compared to mice that didn’t get their heart rate up. This could be due to increased blood flow to the brain, elevated hormone levels or a decrease in cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. Scientists still aren’t totally sure what causes it. The bottom line is that there are many good chemicals released in our bodies when we get our hearts pumping, including endorphins, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine). And all of them have been shown to have a positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being. One study even found that regular exercise improved depression symptoms just as well as medication.

Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Yes, getting your “beauty rest” is still an absolute must, especially if you want your brain to work correctly. Scientists have long known that sleep impairs the body by causing a breakdown in the immune system and even the metabolism, but they’re only beginning  to learn just how much lack of sleep harms the brain. Researchers have found that sleep-deprived animals produce significantly fewer new brain cells in a particular region of the hippocampus. Brian imaging studies show that without sleep, the emotional centers in the brain cause us to dramatically overreact to negative experiences. The brains of sleep-deprived people were over 60% more reactive than those who’d had a normal night’s sleep. Without enough sleep, the brain is unable to put emotional experiences into context and produce appropriate responses to them. A good night’s sleep appears to restore this function and fix the brain’s circuits. The brain regions that become impaired in sleep-deprived people are the same ones that become impaired with aging. So unless you want to age your brain well before it’s time, make it a priority to get at least 8 hours a night. And don’t forget that the hours of sleep you get before midnight are the most vital for restoring both brain and body.

Guru recommended reading list:

  • Who Switched Off My Brain: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life by Dr. Maxwell Maltz
  • A Complaint-Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life Your Always Wanted by Will Bowen

Windows to the Soul

Maybe you’ve thought about switching from your regular drugstore brand eyeliner to something a bit more natural, but you’ve been concerned about the cost. I’ve seen “all-natural” eyeliners run as high as $30-40. That’s just way too much to spend on one little pencil.

Well, let me offer a solution to your problem. I heard about Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Eyeliner from the plethora of positive reviews about it online. It’s the little pencil with the long name that, apparently, works remarkably well. I decided that, even though I usually prefer to try smaller, organic brands, I’d test out the popular well-known brand just this once—if for no other reason than the eyeliner’s $ 7 price tag. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results. It glides on smoothly and wears great. I prefer it in the color Black Woods.

Need more reason to make the switch? Check out this ingredient list comparison. 

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner. Cost: $7

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Ozokerite, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Polyethylene, Phenyl Trimethicone, Candelilla Cera (Euphorbia Cerifera {Candelilla} Wax), Tocopherol, Sorbic Acid, BHT, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. May Contain: Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, MICA, Black 2, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Carmine.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Eyeliner. Cost: $7

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Mica, Capric/Caprylic Stearic Triglyceride, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Squalane, Oliva Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Your Feet Will Thank You

Have you ever seen the As Seen On TV product Heeltastic? The one that promises to be the final solution for cracked, dry heels? I bought this after I was disappointed by several other products promising to make my feet smooth and ready-to-go for summer flip-flops. After trying Heeltastic for a few days I must admit my feet were softer. Then about two weeks into using it I noticed they were slowly returning to their normal cracked and dry state. This so-called “miracle cure” was definitely not a permanent solution to problem heels. At least not mine. After Heeltastic failed me, I just assumed that there was no solution for me. If a product made specifically to fix calloused heels didn’t work on mine, it wasn’t likely I’d find a product that would. But, thankfully, I was wrong.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, a great all-natural beauty company headquartered in the Canadian Rockies has accomplished what I previously thought was impossible. Their Foot Butter made with cotton seed oil, cocoa seed butter, carrot root extract and a host of other good-for-you ingredients, actually works.

When I first started using it, I assumed it would be similar to Heeltastic in that it would work for a while in the beginning but my feet would eventually return to their cracked, dry state even while continuing to use it. To my surprise, the reverse was true. The first week or two that I used it, I only noticed a subtle difference. Then about eight weeks into using it, I looked down at my feet one afternoon and was a little taken aback. They were almost as smooth my 7-month-old baby’s feet. They looked better than they ever had. I immediately wondered what I was doing differently…then I remembered…I’d still been using Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Foot Butter. The stuff lived up to its promises. It works much better than Heeltastic. In fact, it works much better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve not had a single crack or callous since I began using it. My feet are completely soft. Just click on the Testimonials tab on this page of their website and you’ll see that I’m not alone in my amazement at how this product was able to solve a previously unresolvable problem. I’ve since tried other products from this company and had great experiences with all of them. Their deodorants work…their lip glosses are great…they’ve created an all-around exceptional brand. You have to assume that anyone who’s figured out how to permanently fix dry heels might know a thing or two about making high-quality, effective beauty products.

Meet Sharron Pinheiro from Eve Organics

I’ve been very impressed with Eve Organics lately. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating beautifully rich-colored mineral eyeshadows and they’re a cut above other natural brands when it comes to educating the consumer about harmful ingredients in beauty products. I recently talked with Eve Organics founder Sharron Pinheiro to learn the story behind the company.

Tell me a little about your background and the journey that led you to develop your own organic beauty line?

The human form and how colors mixed together to form other colors were subjects that were a common thread in my background.

Ever since I was a small child, I loved to draw and color. After high school, I attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit to study graphic arts. I was kind of a free spirit and left the school when I realized that it wasn’t fun for me anymore when I was told what to draw and my work wasn’t necessarily “inspired” by me. I moved to L.A. afterward and had two children. Throughout that period, I became a paralegal, working from 9-5, dabbled in property management and permanent makeup.

Once my children were in grade school, I became a Certified Massage Therapist. I was privy to a lot of information I had never heard prior to that time. I learned about aromatherapy, the muscles, anatomy and reflexology. I became enamored with the wonderful “basic,” yet fantastically intricate schools of knowledge ~ how the body heals itself if it is supported correctly.

I took a special interest in aromatherapy and delved into the subject full on after graduation. It intrigued me how for centuries, since the time of the Egyptians, it was known that certain oils applied to the skin, for either beauty or medicine, produced positive or negative responses by the body.

Through training and research, I learned of the potentially dangerous ingredients in a majority of the conventional skin care products and the positive affect that organic and therapeutic grade products have on the body and soul.  Then, it was only natural for me to want to teach women so they could make educated choices about the products they purchased and companies they chose to support.

After years of creating my own essential oil blends and skin care products, with great feedback from customers and friends, I created Eve Organics, LLC.

Something I love about you guys is that you really try to educate the consumer. That’s one thing that definitely sets your brand apart. When you started the company, did you make a conscious decision to do that?

Yes, that was our mission from the beginning. There are not too many companies that want to educate their consumers like we do. For us, education is first and foremost. We feel our products completely fit into a whole living lifestyle. But, most women (or men) do not even know that, although they feel they are doing their bodies good in every way, there is more to whole living than eating and exercising. Ingredients from personal care products being absorbed into the skin are a big part of keeping the body in balance and whole.

What else do you feel sets Eve Organics apart in the crowded all-natural/organic beauty market?

There are many products out there that are definitely nice on the ingredients end, but don’t perform too well. We have tested and tried all of our products (on people, no animals!) and have had great feedback on the performance of all of them. And, after all, if the ingredients are awesome and it performs well, why wouldn’t you change? It’s a no brainer!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting Eve Organics?

The obvious one would be that we need brand recognition. We have been building our customer base slowly but surely.  We have so many extremely loyal customers with such great stories about how our product has done what so many others (prescription, high-end or otherwise) could not do for them.

Who’s Eve? Is it a reference to the first woman herself?

Eve is not a reference to anyone we know personally. The name was given to the company for a couple of reasons. We wanted to have a name that was easily remembered and had a semblance of healthy, from the earth and “stands the test of time”. We thought Eve Organics was the perfect name to encompass all of those characteristics.

Every quarter you guys give 10% of your net profit to a different charity. What charities have you given to in the past and how did you pick them?

We really try to choose organizations we feel are making an impact. In the past we’ve given to Susan Komen Breast Cancer Research (on more than one occasion), American Multiple Sclerosis Society, City Mission (Detroit), Green America, and The Organic Trade Association, to name a few.

What is your personal favorite Eve Organics product?

My favorite product is the Balance Skin Care set (cleanser, toner and moisturizer). There have been a couple of times that I have run out on vacation (you would think I’d have buckets full at home) or somewhere I couldn’t get another and have used another product either to clean or moisturizer my skin.  In both instances, my skin broke out almost immediately and it took me a few weeks to get it back to normal.  I have since learned to keep a back up at all times!

What’s your bestselling mineral eye shadow?

Definitely Champagne, with Bling and Fanatic tied for a close second.

Can you really sleep in mineral makeup? Is it that pure?

You can sleep in mineral makeup, but you really should wash your face before you go to bed.  Even though the zinc in the foundation is extremely healing ~ anti-inflammatory for sensitive, inflamed skin and naturally anti-microbial and protects skin from the sun, everyday environmental pollutants and grime still build up on your face after a whole day of “living”.  This needs to be washed off with a creamy cleanser and re-moisturized with antioxidants to help support the skin in its “replenishing”, the majority of which happens during sleep.

Pool Party

If you’re headed to the pool this month, don’t pack your drugstore brand sunscreen from last summer. Instead, throw it in the trash and buy an all-natural sunscreen such as the one from Soleo Organics.

Studies show that the chemicals found in sunscreens are absorbed through the skin and end up circulating in the blood stream.  And the main chemical in 90% of all sunscreens just happens to be octyl methoxycinnamate…which kills cells in mice, even at very low doses. Numerous other ingredients found in most common sunscreens have also proven toxic, (such as oxybenzone–a hormone disrupting chemical).

Replace your old sunscreen with one like Soleo that uses zinc oxide to reflect and scatter UVA and UVB rays. Soleo is full of non-toxic ingredients that are so safe I’ve been using it on my 2-year-old whenever she plays in the backyard:

Ingredients: zinc oxide 22.3%, vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed), helianthus annus seed oil (sunflower), capric/caprylic triglyceride, vegetable oils, candelilla cera, cera alba (beeswax), macadamia ternifolia seed oil, theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, camillia sinensis leaf extract (green tea), anthemis nobilis flower extract (roman chamomile), lecithin, carthamus tinctorius seed oil (safflower), cucumis sativus fruit extract (cucumber), tocopheryl acetate.

Bronze Babe

I have never been big on sunless tanners. A girl I knew in elementary school was one of the first people to get into the whole sunless tanning craze. She was known for being orange. I can still see her splotchy hands now. So maybe I subconsciously associate the practice of sunless tanning with her…and I’d prefer not to look that unnatural. But I also don’t want to lie in the sun at length and promote premature wrinkles. That’s why I decided to give sunless tanning a shot this summer. Naturally, I wanted something as pure and organic as possible, so I went with Lavera’s Glow & Go Gradual Self Tanning Gel. I put some on over my moisturizer in the morning and left the bathroom, totally forgetting about it. That last sentence is more important than it may have sounded. I totally forgot about it. In other words, I didn’t smell it every other minute all day long like I have with other sunless tanners in the past. That’s not to say that it was completely odorless. When I put it on I smelled just the faintest aroma of DHA (the compound in all self-tanners)—but after it was on, it didn’t morph into an unwelcome intruder all day long.

Apparently I didn’t look at myself in the mirror at all after I put it on because I remember a few hours later my husband came home, took one look at me and said, “Wow, when’d you have time to get so tan?” I walked over to the mirror. I looked like I just got off a cruise ship. Better still, I was brown, not orange. The stuff works.

Self-tanners (whether deemed “all-natural” or not) are made up of DHA and erythrulose—two natural ingredients that react with the amino acids of the skin to create a darker skin color. From what science has found, these two ingredients are harmless, often having been derived from sugar beets. So the main ingredients in most self-tanners aren’t the problem; the problem is all the unnecessary parabens, fragrances and other dangerous synthetics often added to them. For instance, look at this ingredients’ list for Jergens Natural Glow Daily Facial moisturizer and note the ingredients in bold:


Lavera’s ingredients’ list, on the other hand, is full of products you can pronounce that won’t harm your health. And they use natural oils to mask the obnoxious DHA smell instead of some kind of cryptic “fragrance.” Take a look at their ingredients’ list:

Organic jojoba oil, calendula, aloe vera and rose water. Water
Grain Alcohol*
Dihydroxyaceton (DHA)
Sodium Lactate
Sunflower Seed Oil*
Xanthan Gum
Castor Seed Oil*
Calcium Sodium Borosilicate
Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Extract*
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*
Rose Flower Water*
Lavander Flower Water*
Camelia Oleifera Leaf Extract*

At $24 a bottle, I think it’s worth it for the amazing tan you get. I’m officially hooked.

Soap for the Soul or A Morning Shot of Tequila


If your shower contains a bar of soap with the words Dove, Dial, Irish Spring, Ivory or Lever 2000 etched into the center, it’s time to make a change. Maybe you’ve used the same brand for years and can’t even conceive of what I’m suggesting. Well, if you need some motivation, start by reading this. After you’ve decided to give all-natural soaps a chance—which I really hope you will—navigate over to the Biggs & Featherbelle website to check out their selection of bar soaps.

I love when smaller brands specialize in one type of beauty product because it often means they really know what they’re doing in that particular area. And bar soap is most definitely the Biggs & Featherbelle specialty. With choices like Granola Bar, Handle Bar, Beach Bar and Lemon Bar, you can immediately tell they’ve “raised the bar” when it comes to all-natural soaps. And if you don’t believe me, just read these testimonials.

The sisters who started Biggs & Featherbelle began melting and pouring their own soaps to give to friends and family and later realized it was something they wanted to do full time. One thing I especially love about this company is their artful packaging. Having worked in the magazine industry for years, I have a real appreciation for their eye-catching design and creativity.

I currently have their Tequila Bar in my shower and I absolutely love it. It contains a blend of saponified oils including coconut, sunflower, palm, soybean and macadamia nut. My morning shot of tequila truly invigorates me everyday. It smells great and works better than any drugstore brand ever has.



At only $4.99 each, the Biggs & Featherbelle soaps are well worth the knowledge that you’re not rubbing chemicals all over your body to kickoff your beauty routine. So go do some bar hopping today!

Lather Up…Or Don’t

Since you use soap in the shower on a daily basis, it’s smart to check the ingredients of your favorite soap brand before rubbing it all over every square inch of your skin. When you read through the list, be on the lookout for these red flags…

1. If you see the word fragrance, it’s time to find a new soap.  We already know that “fragrance” can be beauty industry code for up to 4,000 more synthetic chemicals. Fragrance also usually contain phthalates, and we know how hazardous those can be.

2. If you see any colors or numbers, it’s time to find a new soap. I’m talking about Yellow 5, Green 3, and other FD&C dyes often used in soaps. Why are these cause for concern? Well, Yellow 5 has been shown to adversely affect both the liver and kidney, not only at higher doses but also at low doses. And Green 3 has been prohibited by the European Union because it was “found to have tumorigenic effects in experimental animals as well as mutagenic effects in both experimental animals and humans.” Yikes!

The bottom line is that we can do far better than the chemical-laden drugstore soap brands. Nature has provided us with some exceptional options for getting ourselves clean if we’d just be willing to branch out. So forget your Dove, Dial, Irish Spring and Lever 2000 and try something new like the Tahitian Vanilla Soap from The Body Deli. Check out its list of all-natural ingredients:

Oils of organic Olive, organic Jojoba, organic Avocado, organic Castor, Palm Oil, organic Coconut, organic Shea Butter, organic Evening Primrose, organic Rose-Hip Seed & Pure Food Grade Extract of Tahitian Vanilla.