Soap for the Soul or A Morning Shot of Tequila


If your shower contains a bar of soap with the words Dove, Dial, Irish Spring, Ivory or Lever 2000 etched into the center, it’s time to make a change. Maybe you’ve used the same brand for years and can’t even conceive of what I’m suggesting. Well, if you need some motivation, start by reading this. After you’ve decided to give all-natural soaps a chance—which I really hope you will—navigate over to the Biggs & Featherbelle website to check out their selection of bar soaps.

I love when smaller brands specialize in one type of beauty product because it often means they really know what they’re doing in that particular area. And bar soap is most definitely the Biggs & Featherbelle specialty. With choices like Granola Bar, Handle Bar, Beach Bar and Lemon Bar, you can immediately tell they’ve “raised the bar” when it comes to all-natural soaps. And if you don’t believe me, just read these testimonials.

The sisters who started Biggs & Featherbelle began melting and pouring their own soaps to give to friends and family and later realized it was something they wanted to do full time. One thing I especially love about this company is their artful packaging. Having worked in the magazine industry for years, I have a real appreciation for their eye-catching design and creativity.

I currently have their Tequila Bar in my shower and I absolutely love it. It contains a blend of saponified oils including coconut, sunflower, palm, soybean and macadamia nut. My morning shot of tequila truly invigorates me everyday. It smells great and works better than any drugstore brand ever has.



At only $4.99 each, the Biggs & Featherbelle soaps are well worth the knowledge that you’re not rubbing chemicals all over your body to kickoff your beauty routine. So go do some bar hopping today!

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