Lather Up…Or Don’t

Since you use soap in the shower on a daily basis, it’s smart to check the ingredients of your favorite soap brand before rubbing it all over every square inch of your skin. When you read through the list, be on the lookout for these red flags…

1. If you see the word fragrance, it’s time to find a new soap.  We already know that “fragrance” can be beauty industry code for up to 4,000 more synthetic chemicals. Fragrance also usually contain phthalates, and we know how hazardous those can be.

2. If you see any colors or numbers, it’s time to find a new soap. I’m talking about Yellow 5, Green 3, and other FD&C dyes often used in soaps. Why are these cause for concern? Well, Yellow 5 has been shown to adversely affect both the liver and kidney, not only at higher doses but also at low doses. And Green 3 has been prohibited by the European Union because it was “found to have tumorigenic effects in experimental animals as well as mutagenic effects in both experimental animals and humans.” Yikes!

The bottom line is that we can do far better than the chemical-laden drugstore soap brands. Nature has provided us with some exceptional options for getting ourselves clean if we’d just be willing to branch out. So forget your Dove, Dial, Irish Spring and Lever 2000 and try something new like the Tahitian Vanilla Soap from The Body Deli. Check out its list of all-natural ingredients:

Oils of organic Olive, organic Jojoba, organic Avocado, organic Castor, Palm Oil, organic Coconut, organic Shea Butter, organic Evening Primrose, organic Rose-Hip Seed & Pure Food Grade Extract of Tahitian Vanilla.

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