Just because make up and beauty products aren’t directly eaten as a rule, you probably never considered the reality that the chemicals they contain are very rapidly absorbed through the skin and have to be dealt with by your body’s cleansing and immune systems just like any other poison.  The truth is, your soap; shampoo; perfume; moisturiser and even your toothpaste could be making you sick.  Unbelievable huh.  Why are these products allowed on the market and without giant warning labels?  
If you would like to find alternatives to high priced, health damaging chemical cocktails then get your copy of this quick easy guide to natural makeup that you can make yourself using organic ingredients.  This guide will not only help you avoid a whole lot of really bad chemicals, as a bonus it will save you a small fortune.

Organic Makeup Guide

Guide to alternative, chemical free organic and natural makeup and beauty products you can make yourself.

Stuff to Learn

Want to understand how the beauty industry really works? Let the Guru teach you the truth about the business of beauty.

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Want to reach beauty product nirvana? From eyeliner to frizz serum, learn which products the Guru recommends for all your beauty needs.

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Want to take your beauty knowledge to the next level? Find out which resources can help you with further beauty study.

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Want to meet the people in charge of some of the best beauty brands on earth? Here’s your chance to get to know them up close.

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